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SS will be seeing a lot of, you know, random "Becca broke it" moments. So don't mind the mess here and there until game goes live? We're...

We're gauging interest! Please check out our latest post found here: http://www.storysanctum.com/main/announcement-forum/1546-interest-gauge-please-post#11547

We just wanted to let the community know that play of 7th Sea 2nd Edition in 2018 is tentative. We realize people could buy a lot of books with hope, but there are some circumstances such as a die roller, we're having to sort out before we can commit to it. Please keep checking for updates, but maybe wait on the investment unless you are sure you want the books either or! I recommend them!

“With the Treaty of Bajor, this terrible war with the Dominion is finally at an end. The losses the Alpha Quadrant has suffered are truly staggering. Thousands of ships and millions of officers are now gone, the Federation fleet is in shambles, and relations with the Romulans are already declining in the aftermath of this brutal conflict with the Gamma Quadrant. However, as we rebuild, as we recover, we must remember that Starfleet's mission has always been one of peace.

At the Utopia Planitia fleet yards above Mars, construction is nearing completion on the U.S.S. Odyssey. She was commissioned during the war with the intention of serving in combat. Now, however, the war is over. While our efforts should be focused on rebuilding the fleet, there is also a need to continue our work: to explore the galaxy in pursuit of knowledge and diplomacy. That is why the Odyssey is being refitted. Instead of patrolling the borders of Federation space as a battleship, she will travel beyond to explore the unknown with an eager and ambitious crew.”

- Admiral Summers, Personal Log, Stardate 53653.3

Odyssey will be a new venue on Story Sanctum making use of the 'Star Trek Adventures' roleplaying game recently released by Modiphius. The players will take the part of crew aboard the Federation starship U.S.S. Odyssey, an Akira-class vessel tasked with continuing Starfleet's mission of exploration in the wake of the Dominion War. Adventure, excitement, and discovery await you if you're prepared to take the chance!


If you have interest in this game, please make sure to post your interest here!!!

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themightyemu's Avatar
Posted by themightyemu
02 Feb 2018 17:39
Sandman's Avatar
Posted by Sandman
02 Feb 2018 07:58
INTEREST GAUGE (Please post!) 1> I have always been interested in the WoD and Superhero Genre here. I am a huge fan of D&D but not too many from this side of the fence are D&D lovers. 2> If I was interested in smaller table top style, I would play table top! I love the large...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
29 Jan 2018 10:31
Discord Server (To Connect Players & STs) Hello Sanctum! In the interest of connecting players and ST, and in the possibility of one day using Discord, here is a link to our server: If you are considering joining our game, you are welcome to talk there to plan. If you do not remain a player, however,...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
21 Jan 2018 14:26
A Choice Has Been Made... Hey all! Been a while, hasn't it? Rara and I are humming and hawing about what to do with games and the site! I need any of interest to head to this post here: THE POST in order to jump on any gaming possibilities and give us some feedback. It's really...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
08 Jan 2018 16:56
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Extremely belated, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Drax! And to everyone! I hope 2018 is kind and brings you many blessings.
Ravnos's Avatar
Posted by Ravnos
26 Aug 2017 22:23
INTEREST CHECK: Star Trek Adventures: "Odyssey" I am always interested in a game, bit ultimately it will depend on the time you can run for me. my schedule only allows me on at 730 pm pst (1030 pm est).
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
25 Aug 2017 12:03
What does a "Side Game' mean? Hey there! In the past I boxed 'side game' into a format more differentiated from our ongoing campaigns. I realized over time I don't want to do that. When I say side game, I don't actually care that much what the format or number of players involved in....
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
10 Jul 2017 20:37
Summer Vacation Image Link Sad, but true! The games are complete, the time for a break is here! You won't find much going on during the summer unless anyone has a side game they wish to run. As a reminder we love side games! Run your table top online game...


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