In the interest of paying server, addonchat, domain, die coding, programming and any other fees that might come up with hosting a chat(approx. $400.00 a year), we are encouraging Donations! In the interest of being grateful for those who do donate, we are offering a special icon in the chat and on forums as thanks! We are also offering a scene in each participating venue that is Donate Invite Only! A hard working staff devotes a lot of time to running this place, and for these efforts players are getting a lot of entertainment for free! Please understand, any amount is acceptable! If you have $5.00 or more to spare, we appreciate it. Present server costs were paid out in full by Becca to get the chat running, and in an ideal world, covering those costs and saving for the future billing period would be a blessing.

What you get? A special Icon in forums and in the chat instead of your pawn as thanks for 1 months time per $5.00 you contribute. You also get an invitation to the Donator ONLY scene in each participating venue you play in!(Dead Tropics, Synergist Project & Paradise Lost. TBR in April) You can also donate along the way if you like too! Donations will be processed once a month. Thank you for donating, we truly appreciate it.

Become a Donator

Current Donation Costs: Start Up & 2015 Billing Period

Site Cost Break Down

Addon Professional: $80.00

Addonchat mobile edition: $35.00

Transcript System: $25.00

Remote Authentication: $25.00

User Profile System: $20.00

Domain Name Registration: $14.99

Web Hosting & Bandwidth: $119.88


Total of: $318.87 Start up and  $318.97 upcoming renewal(April 2015)

Goal of  $639.74