Before I go any further, let me clarify, I am NOT giving up on Synergist Project. I owe it to those still interested, I owe it to the story and I owe it to myself. So if you can find it in you to hang in there with me, we'll end it spectacularly and full circle over the next month(May) as I originally always intended the game to have 3 Chapters, or go 9-12 months. I believe it's one for the memory banks, IMO. So many amazing things have come out of it. So stick with me? I'm sure some of you expected otherwise with what's been going on lately, but I don't let go easy. For better or worse SO, get on that Leyline train folks. LETS FACE THE MOUNTAIN as Synergist Project speeds off for the epic conclusion!

Go read the full article on the chat's future please players! But in short, look forward to the next iteration of games, the changes in the chat and a shiny new future!

So what games do you have to look forward to? Well you already know about Vampire nWoD 2e "Young Blood" as the teaser for that was already released. What you don't know is about the second game. Both will open at the same time, both in the fall. We're estimating a September slow sanction, October opening. And if potential other ST's and splats join us, we'll keep you updated. FOR NOW ENJOY LOOKING FORWARD TO SISTER CITIES IN...

CAMBRIDGE: Vampire The Requiem 2e "Young Blood"





BOSTON: Promethean The Created 2e "Pilgrim's Wake"




(Providing the book comes out in time >.> *crosses fingers*)


<3 Bex