Last night marked the final, final scene for Synergist Project. The game has reached it's conclusion, and though it is over, look forward to new things to come! ALL THINGS! The chat is about to go into a down time, but don't forget that Rockbrook is JUST starting up! Talk to Ravenna if you are interested in playing in her summer camp Innocents Game! And also please be patient with us as some major overhauling goes on this summer preparing for the new Story Sanctum Roster in the Fall! 

Our tentative schedule, to keep you all on board, will be posted on the calendar as much as I can. I'll also be sending a mass email to all registered accounts with an announcement of our opening. If you have any content anywhere on the site (wiki, forums, etc) PLEASE get it now. I cannot promise for how long it will be made available. At present we do not know for sure what game will be accompanying Vampire nWoD 2e, as you can see, Promethean 2e is not moving too fast. And though we have an idea to start sanctioning to open for October, nothing is set in stone yet! 

Thanks for being a part of our games so far, we've really enjoyed the ride with you. Also, thanks for helping make this a place that is full of a really good, welcoming community, that is ever so important to us! I think we'll be around lots, and as you see changes, come say hi and spread the news!