Hello all! YES we get a little excited over here. The other thing is that I found out school starts late this September which is when my child and my job kick off into gear. So rather than trying to sanction during the first week of my kiddo's school and my job, I'm going to try and get it done before the week of crazy. SO! We're too excited to hold back, therefor forward-ho! We'll begin sanctioning and playing on 09.01.15 instead. NOW. We're going to do something else too, to help players be able to create their sheets easier. We know they aren't easy. If you are SURE about who you want to play, and only if you are sure, we're opening up the sanction queue's for both venue's so you can post and we can open a thread area for you to build your sheet in at least. THIS IS NOT A SANCTION. We'll still have to meet and talk about things, then get you approved after the first. Look to the forums for which way to apply to the queue in a venue.

Otherwise, HAPPY GAMING! Let's do this!