Starting today, Crossover in Massachusetts has begun! We updated a lot of our sanctioning steps, as now we're in full swing. As long as you are sanctioned in September, you'll get the September 4xp, though how much of the bonus XP you earn is up to you! Thanks to all our fantastic players so far, for helping us have a great time getting our game started up. If you have friends, make sure to tell them about us, we'd love to have more fresh sacrifices, I mean gamer friends.

Just to outline, for anyone confused, here is how you know you're ready to go IC:

1) Your sheet has been approved.

2) You have made a wiki and the wiki is now added to the PC page of the venue you're playing in by the ST.

3) You've created an IC chat account name, filled out it's profile appropriately with your ooc contact name and wiki link.

4) You've added the appropriate venue wiki link tag to your forum accounts signature.

5) Becca has given you the right icon! (You need to ask her for this, so PM her!)

Great to see everyone start to play and the place fill up with fun again. Here's to another great set of games.

Want to get involved? Make an account! Come see what we're about!