Because we are working in a Chapter (1 month) and Act (3-4 Month) system, we're on the way to the 4 month mark and that means there are things to look forward to and take note of! The first is the Act finale's in the form of "The Anomaly Encounter" for Hunter, and "Dawn of Ashes Anniversary" in Vampire. Please join us as parts of the story really hit home! Everyone has their part to play in making things interesting and using the opportunities for growth of the game and PC's. We're really excited behind the scenes, so we hope you are too!

I wanted to take this time to also say thank you for joining us in this story telling journey. It's been a blast and as we move into Christmas Season we know things get busy, but we're exciting to bring you some Christmas/New Year fun coming up in the following month too, so stay tuned for that.

Lastly! I'm a sucker for data and collecting feedback in the form of survey's. It'll help us further tweak the site and systems to one that works best for players and their lifestyles in gaming. Look for one coming soon, and please help us by participating. 

Thanks again everyone and as always if you have questions or concerns, let me know!