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CtL 2.5 One Fine Day is now accepting sheets!  Play begins March 3rd, with Episode 1! 

SS will be seeing a lot of, you know, random "Becca broke it" moments. So don't mind the mess here and there until game goes live? We're...

We're gauging interest! Please check out our latest post found here: http://www.storysanctum.com/main/announcement-forum/1546-interest-gauge-please-post#11547

We just wanted to let the community know that play of 7th Sea 2nd Edition in 2018 is tentative. We realize people could buy a lot of books with hope, but there are some circumstances such as a die roller, we're having to sort out before we can commit to it. Please keep checking for updates, but maybe wait on the investment unless you are sure you want the books either or! I recommend them!

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Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
25 Jul 2018 12:14
Both "One Fine Day" and "Into the EverAfter" are now closed to sanctioning! Just wanted to put a note up, letting people know. We're no longer accepting new players for this chronicle!!!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
13 Jul 2018 12:57
Database Purge Various things have been purged to shrink down database size. I also got rid of any accounts that have not visited our site since 2016 and later. So if someone you know, who hasn't visited the site in years, tries their login and fails, just let them know to...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
02 Apr 2018 13:38
INTEREST CHECK: Star Trek Adventures: "Odyssey" Yep, sadly the fate of most side games. GM's/ST's who never see their vision off the ground. OH well. lol.
Cathaidan's Avatar
Posted by Cathaidan
29 Mar 2018 23:11
Hi, I'm new! Holy crap, there's a twitter handle?!?
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
29 Mar 2018 12:37
UPDATES: "Into The EverAfter" Promethean The Created 2e Update 6.0 I have decided to move announcements to the Discord server after this post. If you want to get them, join the server as found in both the "Chat" link from the menu on the website, and on the main page of the website. Of course you need to...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
01 Mar 2018 15:17
INTEREST GAUGE (Please post!) I still always appreciate the feedback! If not for this round, for the next!
volklore's Avatar
Posted by volklore
24 Feb 2018 19:02
One Fine Day If it's not too late, I'm definitely interested!


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