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We are a team of Storytellers devoted to bringing a 24/7 Role Play Chat experience using online tools. If you are new to our game there are a few tricks to getting started. You'll need to register for an account on this site using the registration tool below. That will give you access to the wiki which has most all of the content for playing in any of our games, the forums which house all ic and ooc discussion, and the chat which is the platform in which the games are played. Please feel free to log into the chat and say hi, even if you haven't made a character yet. ~SS


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Starting today, Crossover in Massachusetts has begun! We updated a lot of our sanctioning steps, as now we're in full swing. As long as you are sanctioned in September, you'll get the September 4xp, though how much of the bonus XP you earn is up to you! Thanks to all our fantastic players so far, for helping us have a great time getting our game started up. If you have friends, make sure to tell them about us, we'd love to have more fresh sacrifices, I mean gamer friends.

Just to outline, for anyone confused, here is how you know you're ready to go IC:

1) Your sheet has been approved.

2) You have made a wiki and the wiki is now added to the PC page of the venue you're playing in by the ST.

3) You've created an IC chat account name, filled out it's profile appropriately with your ooc contact name and wiki link.

4) You've added the appropriate venue wiki link tag to your forum accounts signature.

5) Becca has given you the right icon! (You need to ask her for this, so PM her!)

Great to see everyone start to play and the place fill up with fun again. Here's to another great set of games.

Want to get involved? Make an account! Come see what we're about!


Hello all! YES we get a little excited over here. The other thing is that I found out school starts late this September which is when my child and my job kick off into gear. So rather than trying to sanction during the first week of my kiddo's school and my job, I'm going to try and get it done before the week of crazy. SO! We're too excited to hold back, therefor forward-ho! We'll begin sanctioning and playing on 09.01.15 instead. NOW. We're going to do something else too, to help players be able to create their sheets easier. We know they aren't easy. If you are SURE about who you want to play, and only if you are sure, we're opening up the sanction queue's for both venue's so you can post and we can open a thread area for you to build your sheet in at least. THIS IS NOT A SANCTION. We'll still have to meet and talk about things, then get you approved after the first. Look to the forums for which way to apply to the queue in a venue.

Otherwise, HAPPY GAMING! Let's do this!

Yep. It's official! We've made the plunge and moved to the new chat. You can find a FAQ type article on how to use it in both the forums and off the "Play" item on the menu you will now be linked from the chat menu item to an article where it gives the FAQ too. If you want to get on the chat now, use the small icon that you find in the bottom right corner of any of the webpages of our site. Remember to create an OOC account, and don't name it related t any PC you have! We'll be making new accounts for the PC's you play too. You won't see the icon at all, however, unless you are registered to the site and logged in. Happy gaming!

I wanted to drop a line, letting you know that you have about 2 weeks if you want to grab anything from the old wiki. Soon it will be taken down, and quite possibly deleted as I clean house. The new wiki will go up. Fear not Rockbrookians! We will move all the things.

So have a good sad as the old disappears and look forward to the new with me! It's coming soon!

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Do NOT create a username that will be similar to, or the same as your character name please!

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Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
06 Nov 2016 09:36
Aegis Verdant get's in motion! Image Link A new school year is just around the corner. Can you believe it? We're senior's this year! I can't believe it. These next few years will determine our lives forever. I've dreamed about wearing this uniform forever. I wonder what...
Ravenna's Avatar
Posted by Ravenna
23 Oct 2016 13:00
RP Podcasts If any of you are interested in Podcasts, there are a few Role Playing ones running around! I'll be posting them here for you all to check out. Darker Days Radio Join Mike, Chris, and Bryce (we call him Chigg) as they explore both of White Wolf’s...
Ravenna's Avatar
Posted by Ravenna
20 Oct 2016 21:00
Donate to Extra-Life! Hey Everyone! Some of you have heard about a new team member coming to Story Sanctum, Fate Master Ancient Weavers who will be bringing a side game Warsong to the site very soon! A side project of his is helping out with Extra-Life! To help out, go...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
17 Oct 2016 17:03
CITY OF ABSHIRE IS GREEN LIT! In case somehow you missed the memo! Image Link The game begins in our fair City of Abshire. Citizens from all walks of life, race, and class join the hustle and bustle of a city that refuses to quiet. Abshire itself a presence that lingers on...
Ravenna's Avatar
Posted by Ravenna
09 Oct 2016 17:18
Story Sanctum on Social Media! Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a heads up, for those that ARE on social media, now Story Sanctum is too! Find us and follow us to show your support! www.facebook.com/storysanctum www.instagram.com/storysanctum www.twitter.com/storysanctum...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
01 Oct 2016 00:22
NEW GAMES TIME! Image Link SO! It's time for some announcements! Guess what? Story Sanctum is going into it's THIRD iteration. We have some great games coming out! Both are a custom version of "Chronicles of Darkness" Mortal. And that's about all I'm going to...
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Posted by Becca
25 Sep 2016 13:52
Is AddonchatX Mobile Ready? Addonchatx is not mobile ready. There was supposed to be an update with the app coming out. Right now it's a mess.
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Posted by Becca
17 Sep 2016 18:13
Chat Logins BWAHAHAHAHAA! THIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings are happeninggggggggggggg


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