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Last night marked the final, final scene for Synergist Project. The game has reached it's conclusion, and though it is over, look forward to new things to come! ALL THINGS! The chat is about to go into a down time, but don't forget that Rockbrook is JUST starting up! Talk to Ravenna if you are interested in playing in her summer camp Innocents Game! And also please be patient with us as some major overhauling goes on this summer preparing for the new Story Sanctum Roster in the Fall! 

Our tentative schedule, to keep you all on board, will be posted on the calendar as much as I can. I'll also be sending a mass email to all registered accounts with an announcement of our opening. If you have any content anywhere on the site (wiki, forums, etc) PLEASE get it now. I cannot promise for how long it will be made available. At present we do not know for sure what game will be accompanying Vampire nWoD 2e, as you can see, Promethean 2e is not moving too fast. And though we have an idea to start sanctioning to open for October, nothing is set in stone yet! 

Thanks for being a part of our games so far, we've really enjoyed the ride with you. Also, thanks for helping make this a place that is full of a really good, welcoming community, that is ever so important to us! I think we'll be around lots, and as you see changes, come say hi and spread the news!

Rockbrook is a summer camp for girls and boys located in the “heart of a wooded mountain” in Brevard, North Carolina. Founded in 1921, our youth summer camp continues to provide an exciting and enriching summer camp experience for youth ages 10 – 12.

Each summer Rockbrook provides a unique summer camp program of recreation, adventure, creativity and fun designed for teens and kids. From horseback riding, whitewater rafting, pottery, and swimming to camp fires and exploring a chilly stream, each day at camp is filled with new experiences and great opportunities to develop lasting friendships.

Our goal through these camps is for each child to gain, at his or her own pace, a deeper understanding of herself and of his relationship with other people and the natural world. Emphasizing a friendly and noncompetitive environment, we aim to provide camp memories that can serve as inner resources for building character later in life.

Rockbrook is a Summer Side Game, running 6-8 Weeks, with a weekly Wednesday night scene. Character sheets, FPM actions, and "campfire RP". 

If you are interested in playing, please head to the Player's Guide and go from there. Character sheets or questions can be sent to Ravenna at any time. Sanctions will not begin until May 31st, so long as we have a minimum of 6 sheets submitted

Wiki will be going up before game play starts. Do not create a wiki before this. 

Opening scene is scheduled for Wednesday June 10th, 7:30PM PST


Before I go any further, let me clarify, I am NOT giving up on Synergist Project. I owe it to those still interested, I owe it to the story and I owe it to myself. So if you can find it in you to hang in there with me, we'll end it spectacularly and full circle over the next month(May) as I originally always intended the game to have 3 Chapters, or go 9-12 months. I believe it's one for the memory banks, IMO. So many amazing things have come out of it. So stick with me? I'm sure some of you expected otherwise with what's been going on lately, but I don't let go easy. For better or worse SO, get on that Leyline train folks. LETS FACE THE MOUNTAIN as Synergist Project speeds off for the epic conclusion!

Go read the full article on the chat's future please players! But in short, look forward to the next iteration of games, the changes in the chat and a shiny new future!

So what games do you have to look forward to? Well you already know about Vampire nWoD 2e "Young Blood" as the teaser for that was already released. What you don't know is about the second game. Both will open at the same time, both in the fall. We're estimating a September slow sanction, October opening. And if potential other ST's and splats join us, we'll keep you updated. FOR NOW ENJOY LOOKING FORWARD TO SISTER CITIES IN...

CAMBRIDGE: Vampire The Requiem 2e "Young Blood"





BOSTON: Promethean The Created 2e "Pilgrim's Wake"




(Providing the book comes out in time >.> *crosses fingers*)


<3 Bex

"Things have calmed now, but I’m telling you - January 1st was Hell. No one saw it coming. No one had heard even the slightest rumor. No one had prepared themselves. On December 31st, 2014 the night was frozen in icy perfection. It hadn’t snowed more than an inch, but at 15 degrees, the kine were wrapped up tight, despite their celebrations. People loosened up, drank too much champagne, kissed their loved ones and vowed a fresh new year… But they had no idea what the dawn meant for the monsters that lurked in the shadows. Kindred rose the following night to find their elders mere piles of ash. The harpies, the Sheriff, the Whip… the Prince. All gone. Anyone considered an Elder was wiped from the Cambridge map. On the walls of Sanders Theater, our court, a simple message in blood “Try try again…”

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Drax's Avatar
Posted by Drax
10 Aug 2016 10:40
End Game reminders! As always the stories were so great, and the peoples we have here in the community make such stories so interesting, as always I cannot wait for the next game when its ready =D
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
09 Aug 2016 19:44
The End Game Is Near! Aww! No doubt. Hopefully the next game you'll be able to!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
19 Jul 2016 09:34
Site Renovations Probable!!! I just wanted players to know that after the conclusion of both games "Young Blood" and "Leviathan's Wake", all forum and wiki content very likely could see deletion. If there is anything you want (especially from forums) make sure you take it by the end of...
MANGLOR's Avatar
Posted by MANGLOR
27 Mar 2016 17:22
Happy Easter :) Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Happy day-after-Easter-when-all-the-chocolate-is-on-sale-for-so-cheap to those who don't!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
15 Mar 2016 19:59
Strangers Passing By? This has been resolved. Skype/offline play is back to being against the rules! TY! Remember to put those logs in too!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
12 Feb 2016 09:27
Unable to login to the chat A lot of people, because it's at the bottom of the scroll, seem to miss the check box they need to click for terms of service. Make sure you click that and then it should work! If you still have issue though, let me know!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
01 Feb 2016 09:11
DONATE! Help the site, & gain perks!!! DONATION DRIVE IS NOW CLOSED Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, we made an approximate $615.00 before Paypal took it's share!!! Considering our bill is about $340.00 a year, we're not going to have any issue paying for the site for a while now!...


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