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If you wish to join us at Story Sanctum, the best place to get started is at our wiki which contains all the details for our presently available games. You can find each games wiki section through the menu item above, or go to our main page of the wiki and explore.

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MANGLOR's Avatar
Posted by MANGLOR
27 Mar 2016 17:22
Happy Easter :) Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Happy day-after-Easter-when-all-the-chocolate-is-on-sale-for-so-cheap to those who don't!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
15 Mar 2016 19:59
Strangers Passing By? This has been resolved. Skype/offline play is back to being against the rules! TY! Remember to put those logs in too!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
12 Feb 2016 09:27
Unable to login to the chat A lot of people, because it's at the bottom of the scroll, seem to miss the check box they need to click for terms of service. Make sure you click that and then it should work! If you still have issue though, let me know!
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
01 Feb 2016 09:11
DONATE! Help the site, & gain perks!!! DONATION DRIVE IS NOW CLOSED Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, we made an approximate $615.00 before Paypal took it's share!!! Considering our bill is about $340.00 a year, we're not going to have any issue paying for the site for a while now!...
Rachell's Avatar
Posted by Rachell
16 Jan 2016 14:48
Seven Devils Long time friend and fellow RP'r, Joshua Chapa has put out his own book: Seven Devils! When the a cartel matriarch needs someone to dispatch a pair of Satanist drug traffickers who are getting too big for their bright red britches; or when an oil...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
12 Jan 2016 17:47
Lobby Etiquette A bump! Reminder of Lobby Etiquette! This has been going on a bit more lately, bound to happen as the game progresses and people get more complacent or comfortable with one another. This one specific to 'opinions' on other concept, or parts of the game in...
Becca's Avatar
Posted by Becca
11 Jan 2016 00:31
This might save your sanity, it did mine. OKAY SO. I lose my post on occasion in firefox. I hit enter, it's gone, and doesn't populate to the chat. I HATE IT. BUT, FEAR NOT MY KEYBOARD FRIENDLY USERS! CTRL + Z may save your life. It lets you filter back through your posts, bringing them to the...


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