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One Fine Day


Join us in the magnificent town of East Haven! With the astonishing beauty, June 'Darling' Donovan and her lovely family! The year is 1952, but that means nothing, as time doesn't truly pass until we get this right! Meet her proud husband, Richard Dear, and their glorious children Cheryl, Jeffrey, and Wendy! The family that everyone wants to be juuuuusssst like! See their day to day lives as we join them on activities! School for the kiddos! Rosie's Diner after class for Cheryl! Jeffrey's got stacks of homework for his science experiment! And Wendy has piano to practice! June just adores their talents, but hopefully they won't mess up because if they do, we know what that means! That's right folks, they'll be chucked in with the trashy Wastefuls and we'll just get new children to put in their place! Will you become part of our fair town? Every single person makes a difference! June Darling isn't asking for much, just that you do your job well and with a smile! Day after day after day... Why lose precious time on people who just can't get it right, when you can throw them away? In the town of East Haven, everyone is replaceable!

One Fine Day is the nightmarishly perfect town of East Haven, operated by the True Fae 'June Darling'. Obsessed with 50's Americana, she just wants everything to be perfect. This means snatching humans to fill all the roles of her lovely little doll house. Players are cast in 'Starring Roles' or 'Background Roles', or even the outcast 'Wastefuls' who have lost their chance in the spotlight, and in turn June Darling's favor. Can you keep up the act? Are you able to retain your sanity in a world of perfection? Will you join the ranks of the Wastefuls in The Yard, where a whole new world of survival and danger open up?

One thing is certain: if you can't, someone else can.


Themes of this game will be rooted in the following:
☞ Horror: Can you survive your failures?
☞ Self Doubt: Are you worthy of love or redemption?
☞ Paranoia: Who is really on your side?
☞ Vanity: If you're not made of shiny happy plastic, then why even bother?
☞ Hope: There has to be more to life than this...


One Fine Day is a modified Changeling The Lost game, using the 2e and 1e Editions, as well as the Chronicles of Darkness Core Book.
⌲ All players will start the game as Perfects or Wastefuls, in the Arcadian world of East Haven.