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W/E, "Dance for me Wallis"'


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June 2030...

It fell like a wave of stars ripped from the galaxy. Did you see it? That Chandelier from the 'Mysterious' Sponsor. I wonder who would have had it made? That Chandelier, I remember it. I had a dream about it once. It was soaring over my head in this beautiful cathedral. Yes, I know, me in church? But... I wasn't really 'me'. What I mean is, I was me...but you know how a dream is, don't you? You can be someone else too. And while I watched the glittering lights of this Chandelier, I was woo'd by a voice from the heavens that came from a Nymph on stage, I swear it. A goddess. And I remember, I remember this melancholy feeling, like tonight was special. Like tonight was my last night of feeling alive. I had so many things I wanted to do, so many people I had to say things to, and so many sins that I wasn't sure I deserved any of this at all. The things I'd done, they stained my hands in blood. Wh-what? Am I crying again? I'm sorry. was just just so real.

Of course, I was right you know. It was my last chance to live. Because right after that? In my dream? The wall of the Cathedral blew out over head, debris, smoke, screams...I remember them so vividly. I remember that the Chandelier fell from that monarch ceiling and that it was going to crush me if I was lucky. Lucky? O-oh yes, that's a strange way to put it. I, no, I don't know why. Why did I want to die by a falling chandelier? I think, I'm not sure but, I think maybe I was more terrified of surviving it and facing what was to come. Yes, Yes I believe that is what it was. Oh dear, the water works again. Wh-whenever will I pull myself together. Never I think, after all these days I dream other things too. About people I hate, love, desire, pity. As if I know them so intimately I can feel and be weighted upon by those emotions. Emotions from a dream.

But stranger yet is this...this strange thing that happened to me the other day. I heard voices in the girls bathroom while I washed my face. I was sure of it, this voice, just behind me. When I dried my face there was no one there at all? And it happened again, the other night when I walked to my favorite place. I was just enjoying the sights after so many sweets, and I heard a voice asking me the time. When I turned around, no one was there at all. Dreams of another, voices of another. Maybe I'm just lonely and want this other to be real.

April 2030...

A new school year is just around the corner. Can you believe it? We're senior's this year! I can't believe it. These next few years will determine our lives forever. I've dreamed about wearing this uniform forever. I wonder what opening ceremony will be like! I wonder which desk I'll sit at. I wonder if they'll sell sweet bread in the cafeteria still! I'm so excited for the most simple of things. Yes I know, I'm being silly. It's silly, isn't it? To want to care about what bento box color I should buy, or who I might get a confession from on the rooftop??? But really, there's something in me that tells me I need to enjoy this. This simple, easy going, slice of life.

Why? I'm not sure. To be honest I can't place my finger on it. It's like this egging notion that squeezes on my heart. A feeling I get sometimes to take every moment as a gift. Is that strange? To feel like I might not have a tomorrow? I know, I know, I'm rambling nostalgic. But it is! Nostalgic, that is. Hmm? Oh you know, everything. You, the air, that music. You hear it, don't you? Maybe it's just me. I swear someone keeps playing it in the music room. Playing it and I remember it. It makes me feel...sad.

No, I'm not normally the depressive sort. I know. I'm fine! Really! Pinky-swear I'm not hiding anything. Maybe I've gotten ahead of myself with the coming year. Seniors! Surely something beautiful will happen. Surely we'll have a chance to live our rose colored life! Surely this year will be inspirational, and my Senpai will help me to get ahead! I'll go to a good school, meet a perfect love, get a job I adore and grow up to have a family. You know, a perfect life. Something tells me if I want it bad enough, that's possible. A Oh! Goodness! Where are these tears coming from, really!? I don't understand why I'm crying. Just that...I'm terrified. Terrified I can have none of these dreams at all. How strange...

 πŸŒ’ The simple beauty of everyday student life in a modestly futuristic and multi-cultural Japan shadowed by the terrifying dream of another life.
 πŸŒ’ A Japanese influenced, but combination cultural society in a fictional mega-city style.
 πŸŒ’ A mysterious and very personal character story intertwined with others.
 πŸŒ’ A Slice of Life, Drama, Mystery, Manga-stylized story.
 πŸŒ’ Finding oneself and defining ones beliefs and desires.
 πŸŒ’ The past, present and future as an individual.
 πŸŒ’ Not the World of Darkness itself, but a new darkness to contend within.



Looking for Assistant Storytellers!
In Aegis Verdant there is a Head ST and Assistant ST's. Assistant's are able to play a character in the venue as Metaplot will not be revealed to them. Their tasks are to assist the main ST in running scenes outside the scope of secrets and spoilers. If you are interested in being an Assistant, please FPM Becca! At this time your ST's are:
 πŸŒ’ Head ST Becca
 πŸŒ’ Assistant ST Dee

Aegis Verdant is trying something similar to a LARP as far as flow of scenes go. This game will operate with the chat theme of 24/7 Role Play, but scenes will only happen on specific days of the week. We realize that this means you have to be available for those nights a week in order to get the most out of this game. If you cannot make these days, but are interested in playing Aegis Verdant, send an FPM to Becca. We will discuss options to try and still get you scenes! This also does not mean other nights scenes won't happen, but they will be random and at the ST's whim. We are looking to make ST schedule and work load as easy as possible by having an ST only commit to 1 day a week. Forum actions will benefit a player having a hard time making scenes, but it will always be less of a game if you cannot make one of the following days:
 πŸŒ’ MONDAYS: See Calendar for Times.  πŸŒ’ SUNDAYS: See Calendar for Times