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Player Guide

‡ How To Get Scenes

Getting scenes in the game is a mixture of ST and Player instigation:

✠ ST Scenes will be announced using the ST Schedule Channel on Discord. There you will find both announced scenes pre-planned, as well as Scene Request Nights in which I will fulfill your requests.
✠ Scene Requests will utilize the Request Channel and there you can use the format(found in the channel description) to post your requests. These can be to fulfill personal plot, look into a plot drop, continue an on going story, speak with an NPC, fulfill an aspiration, breaking point, etc, or anything you are interested in! If you are worried your request might not be suitable, just ask in your private channel. If you have absolutely no idea what to request, put one in anyways and say "ST's Choice". I'm full of ideas! Please note, if you do not put in your request, you will miss out in comparison to those who do. No more than 1 request at a time.

‡ Additional Ways To Earn Beats

Beats are translating to Epic Points in this game. More on this is found in the Rules Section of the wiki. Aside from the ways you can earn beats, as outlined in both of the books we are using, here are some additionals:

✠ Host an IC Event for more than 3 other PC's. A party, a BBQ, an art showing, a special event in which people are encouraged to play in and enjoy. +4 Beats
✠ Player run plot. All you have to do is clear the plot with me, given the okay--run it. Log the scene and post it to your personal character thread. +1 Epic Point
✠ Play in a personal scene with someone new. This cannot be an ST scene, or a public scene you just dropped in on. It must be an intentional scene between you and them. Note who in your beat claim. +1 Beat
✠ Share plot information with another person IC. Note who, and what in your beat claim. +1 Beat
✠ Post a news reel, paper story, radio program, service offer, or some other form of public announcement that brings a good read to people and can be played off IC. '+3 Beat's

‡ Pyros Expenditure

Pyros is considered to replenish, as per the book, during scenes and special events in which I will notify you about. Between scenes, however, I'm not keeping track. You're considered to enter a scene at full Pyros. Overuse of Pyros between scenes, however, may earn you some attention. Please use it sparingly between scenes and always observe the rules/consequences regarding it, per the book.

‡ Benefits to Joining The Throng of the New Dawn

Though there are some benefits I would prefer to reveal IC, here are those presently known:

✠ Access to a Library with a vast Alchemical Reference and Study wing. (+2 Research)
✠ Access to Alchemical Laboratory.
✠ Access to the Journals of a majority of Created before you, and their notations and lessons on the Path.
✠ Access to Sanctuary, Refinement Mentors, Vitriol Fount, Refinement Furnace, and other Athanors.
✠ Benefits of a Throng with multiple Lineage's and the subduing nature this has on each other, lessening Disquiet and Wasteland Effect.
✠ Access to Mutter's considerable assets and wealth with permission.
✠ Joint Scholar Lessons, propelling the Paths at a faster pace (Liken to Pilgrim Markers).
✠ Knowledge of locations to some Pilgrim Marker's.

‡ Expectations to Joining The Throng of the New Dawn

Presently, these have been the proclaimed expectations should you join:

✠ Give and take. Every member is expected to contribute to Hohenzollern Castle in some way. Mentor another, write a journal to assist a fellow on the path, cultivate a craft or art to enrich the community, protect Hohenzollern, and fight the Wood.
✠ Every member is asked to assist in the fight against The Wood.
✠ Every member is expected to have permission when leaving the Castle. Mutter must be held responsible for any danger or knowledge leaked about their mission, therefor she asks to be in the know.