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Hybrid, "Break My Soul'

Voice over Intro, Leviathans Wake.




"It used to be that the worst thing any hunter could imagine, was the cold dark monsters of your nightmares. It used to be easy. Things you could identify with, things you heard folk lore about or that prime time television turned into a drama you could bend your mind around. Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts... Theses were the sort of things a person could get. But then it happened....

Now before I go further, let me explain, I have no idea what 'it' is. No one does. The anomalies are unlike anything we've ever seen. It comes in slow and subtle, so you barely even realize it's on you before it hits. At first we just thought it was the weather, or maybe taxes. You know, the kind of season that could make people a little crazy. But then it got a little worse. There is something in the air alright, or someone. We just can't figure out 'it'.

It doesn't have a name. It doesn't have a face. And It doesn't seem biased as to who it effects or how, but when it happens, everything in the world turns upside down on its head. So we stopped. Hunting, that is. We didn't concern about the Vampires, they were busy over in Cambridge with their own anomaly. We watched the Werewolves pull out after one event nearly saw them wipe out their own pack. Ghosts stopped haunting and in general the monsters of our nightmares packed up and left town. All because of 'it'. It was working them over as much as any of us.

Now? It's like being on standby and I hate it. The occasional new or brave bastard needs dealing with in Boston, but it's rare. Even more bizarre is that the Task Force Valkyrie put a call out to hunters of every conspiracy and compact they could, luring them to Boston for what is being anticipated as the hunt of the century.

A yellow light, a faint glow...that's the only warning you get and within minutes an entire city block is under its effects. It changes you, moves you, but there is no explanation, and no escape. Yet. We'll get to the bottom alright. We have to. This hunt may be like no other, but it'll have a weakness. They all do, eventually. Of course there is the added threat that we can't seem to keep it under wraps. So I do hope everyone heeds the call. We'll need them, even if I have a hunch what we're looking at isn't of this world. Maybe it's aliens. I'd have gone with aliens if it wasn't for Father David acting more curious than ever. I wonder if the Lucifuge know more than they are saying too. Interesting, isn't it? So. I guess I have to ask. Are you in, or are you out?"

- Blu3 N0wh3r3, Network Z3r0.


Themes of this game will be rooted in the following:

■ The quiet before the storm. An excellent time for new hunters and those being introduced into the world of darkness.
■ Religious Themes, Angels & Demons. The Malleus Malficarum, Knights of Saint Adrian, Utopia Now, The Long Knight and Lucifuge will have a slightly more intimate role, but no more important.
■ Emotional turmoil, personal decisions and conflicting politics. The various aspects that each compact or conspiracy brings to the hunt.
■ Cell importance. Family, friends, and trust. You'll need them to survive.
■ Small story arcs for tiers/cells and personal story arcs, with an underlying meta plot.