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Les Friction, "Your World Will Fail"'

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Once Upon A Time...

YOU were one and you were many, you were dust of the earth, you were the brimming spoils of electrical discharge, you were a vapor made a storm. You were nothing, or at least nothing was what you remember. Then it happened, a spark. A glimpse of light and the hum of murmurings, circuitry, bubbles or the build of power. Life was brought to you and you were not the living dead, no, you were alive. But what did it mean to be alive? Were you told? Did you understand? How could you be asked to understand, when your body alone seemed not to be mastered by your will. You learned, you're learning, or you will learn. On the other side of this you will become the dream, human. On the other side of this you dread to become the nightmare, A MONSTER.

SHE was a tender year of 18. She was given the key to the FAMILY LEGACY and was thrust into the forefront of a supernatural burden impossible to comprehend. In 1994 she received a summons to her family inheritance, one she hadn't realized came with such a cost. The Castle Hohenzollern off the little town of Hechingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Raised in the elite of society and brought up around the weaving of her Alchemical heritage, she had never imagined that the epitome of every Alchemists dreams was being realized for centuries by her bloodline. The last land owner and keeper of the Sanctum was no longer, now this was entrusted to she. She is Franziska A. Achterberg to polite German society, but to those kept within her walls? She is MUTTER.

YOU were one of the first her family met, previously cared for within the confines of Hohenzollern. Locked away, maintained and taught by the previous Mutter or Vater. Or you met her at a young age, together you embarked upon her own learning journey. Or YOU were one of the ones rescued from a genitor or demiurge who was terrifying or neglectful. Or YOU awoke to no creator at all, a mistake forgotten, an unknown creation that was never taught and she was there to step in and take your creators place. Or YOU heard that there was one place, a sanctum for MONSTERS like you to learn, grow and find a family with. Perhaps you traveled to the recesses of Germany in hopes of a brighter future. Or YOU are still an unknown thing, waiting to awaken, and she or her family will be the first face you see. Or YOU heard of the DARKNESS IN THE WOOD at the Swabian Jura. You know that only the disquieted soul of the Promethean can survive it's unnatural ways. You know you can help stop the wood and protect the people. Whatever the reason for choosing Hohenzollern, it has called to you with promises that a powerful barrier erected on the consecrated grounds will keep your disquiet in check.

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Once Upon A Time...

YOU were born to your lot in life, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, through trials and tribulations, through bliss and grace. You had everything, or at least the chance at life. Then it happened, a life of humanity took its toll with you, for better or worse. You went from the whimper of birth into your adulthood and came out on the other side with some renewed or stripped sense of dignity. Whatever your lot in life might have been, something in it brought about a red thread of fate that would forever bind you to a time and place set out of time and place, this majestic German landscape that bred love or hate within you. Of course you couldn't help the maneuvering of destiny that lead you to Hechingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, after all you were HUMAN.

IT was a place unlike any other. It was a tiny little village straight out of a fairy tale book, bottled up as an icy tomb by winter, and tourist paradise by spring. IT held a fascinating predicament, a particular metallic and radioactive quality to the depths of the mines within the Swabian Jura(The Mountains) that cut out most radio waves and satellite properties. A proverbial 'dead-zone' in which technology had met its maker. Landlines for communication, radio and local broadcast or DVDs for entertainment, and internet was something better left at home. IT embraced this unique quality of ages past, boasting a place to come and unplug, a land that bred importance of family, physical wellness, culture and social development. A place that you could get away from the bustle of a online world and remember what it was to really just be in the moment, not the multitask. IT is HECHINGEN.

YOU fell in love with that quaint little village, were raised there like your ancestors to know no different, or found reasons outside your understanding drawing you into it's frigid pass. YOU have become part of Hechingen like it or not. YOU have been blissfully unaware of the rumors and history. Or YOU have discovered a chilling sharpness to the surroundings passed the village. Or you have been drawn to the festivities and history of tourist season. YOU know better than to brave the SWABIAN JURA, the Mountain Woods, people just don't come back from there. Or YOU look up from your window some mornings and wonder why that Castle isn't open to tourism. Or YOU have always known about the ACHTERBERG Family who owned the Castle and avoided talking about them and their witchcraft heritage. YOU found yourself in the middle of a fairy tale setting, but for some reason all you see is politics, relationship, work and play. Or you found yourself in the Brother's GRIMM book, looking over your shoulder and wondering why the locals stay so segregated from the rest of Baden-Württemberg, the Swabian Jura and Hohenzollen Castle on the cresting mount.

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