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One Fine Day



Our Fair Town

East Haven is pleasantly populated at any given time with 2,000 - 5,000 residents. Small enough most people can easily recall others names, or at least their family name. The weather is moderate. Perfects can enjoy warm summer days at Montgomery Beach, and blustry snow flurries on Christmas Eve. While there is the occasional October storm, natural disasters just don't exist. Hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods have never been reported. Some say that the weather is directly related to June Darling's mood, but that's just silliness.

Each home is spacious enough for the family that lives inside it. Everyone has a vehicle of some sort in accordance with their role. Most children have bikes or scooters. Each resident is required to keep their homes, personal belongings, and self presentable. Broken windows, unmowed lawns, sloppy makeup and wrinkled ties are simply unacceptable. Of course, there are always accidents, but negligence is just intolerable. There is no money to speak of in East Haven, but items still have their value. If you lose a gold necklace, that's not so easily replaced. But common items, such as groceries or clothing are of no cost. You simply shop within your needs. Little Peggy who decides to have 4 milkshakes in one setting will surely be scolded by her father and put on a diet. The narcissistic man who has one too many suits might have rumors fly about him that he's becoming arrogant. Looks like he won't be considered for that promotion after all...

Crime is non-existant outside of roles where it's been granted. School boys are allowed to fight after all, it's only natural. Murder? Theft? That's a quick way to lose your role and get straight into the The Yard. While there is the occasional plot of a purse theif, much more than that has simply never been introduced or tolerated.

There is no such thing as poverty, but there are social classes. The Donovans are of course the picture of Upper Class, but there is a middle class, mostly consisting of blue collar workers, and finally a lower class. This class are often people who have lost Starring Roles, to become Backgrounders, on the brink of becoming Wastefuls if not for some ounce of saving grace. 'Starring Roles', where the characters have full names are often given a bit of extra privledge, but that's not to say the Backgrounders get less, they usually just get it last. A backgrounder who was never in a Starring Role has no ill will towards them like the lower class. Being cast in the background is an important task. Don't think no one sees you.

Mental illnesses or strange behavior, all the way down to religions that aren't fairly textbook are seen as 'too disruptive'. These people often go 'on holiday', and come back with an unbreaking smile, and a new found love whatever norm they had previously strayed from. For those that can't be cured with a little bit of rest, are tossed to the Wastefuls.

As To What's Really Going On

In truth, the people that live in East Haven could not be farther from happiness. Those that have not gone mad entirely live in fear, paranoia, shame, and desperation. While yes, you have all you could ever want, the real you, the one stolen from your life in the 1950's, from somewhere in America, is slowly being washed over and forgotten. Forbidden to speak of, even though while they're not under the watch of The Heat or June Darling, many strive to continue being their true selves. Referred to as 'Breaking Character', plenty of people use their real names behind closed doors and carry on second lives outside of their role. Too many though fear doing such a thing because in truth, who knows who might be a snitch. Who knows who might be watching. And the chance that you might slip while under observation and use an incorrect name? That means Wastefuls for the both of you. It's a risk, but for some, a necessary one.

It's said that June Darling is from North Haven, but no one has ever actually seen anything beyond East Haven. Rumors have flown about West, and South as well. People swear there are routes, but who these domains might belong to (if they exist at all) is what stops most from searching. Beyond the edges of East Haven sits a thick smog known as The Murk. There is a strict curfew of 11:00PM and if you're not in the safety of your home, or partaking in a scene for your role at this hour, you're free for the monsters that edge out of that Murk. Within regular hours, 6:00AM - 11:00PM, you're free from any harm, even if you were to stand right before it. Past the 11:00PM mark, you must be inside of a building. Some, who can't make it home in time beg their neighbors to be let in, but harboring the negligent is frowned upon and most won't do it.

Graham McNamee

It's hard to believe you're ever alone when you're always faced with Graham McNamee. Radio, television host, He is the voice of East Haven, announcing the daily news, the weather, the events, and reminding you of the consequences of straying from your role. All done with a chipper smile and a 'yes-sir-ee' attitude. Every time you turn on the radio or television, he is there. He plays in supermarkets, screams announcements at parks, and calls you on the telephone if it's believed you've tuned him out. Ignoring Graham McNamee is a serious offense. Not being caught up in current events is a serious offense. Often there will be small codes in the messages that The Heat might drill you on later if they suspect you of Breaking Character. If you don't know these answers... you best think of how to explain.

The Heat

It's no secret that any manner of authority is under the direct order of June Darling. The police force, doctors, and many in leading roles around East Haven such as The Mayor, or The Judge are fanatical Loyalists who keep an eye on those around East Haven, and keep the streets clean of Wastefuls who try and sneak back out of the grime.

There are regular patrols which keep people in their Zones. Any injuries are all reported to the hospital where nurses and doctors carefully log events, illnesses, and accidents.

This isn't to say that you can't get away with anything in East Haven, in fact, that is what most people do: try to live their lives outside of June Darling's. Patrols are easy enough to squeeze past though there are plenty of surprise raids. Injuries are not so hard to hide in the event of fights or accidents. There is a lot going on in East Haven under the plastic veneer. So long as it doesn't bleed over, it's usually okay.

There are rumors though that more Loyalists are planted among The Perfects, and even in The Yard. Though it's been a long while since anyone was called out, the suspicion keeps everyone looking over their shoulder.