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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”- Maya Angelou


Decor1.png Running A Side Game

○ If you are interested in running a side game, please feel free to read about them here on our forums.
○ Once you have done this, make sure you agree with our Site Wide Rules in order to be assured this is the place to run your game.
○ After that, feel free to Forum PM your interest to Becca. Please include a blurb about the game and a brief idea of your intentions for it.
○ Once approved you can post to our forums to gauge interest.
○ As soon as you have relative interest, feel free to message Becca again in order to have a forums area set up, a room or two created on the chat, and a menu item added to the wiki if you desire wiki space.
Decor1.png Available Side Games

○ All available side games can be viewed in the main forums. If the game is recruiting, the ST should make that apparent in their forums. Feel free to PM that ST in you are curious about anything.
○ All available side games that would like to use wiki space will find their wiki's linked from the 'Side Game' Menu item on the top menu bar of this wiki. The drop down will reveal the current side games. ST'/DM/GMs are welcome to use a template prebuild to make their wiki, or create their own. all Prebuilds can be found here.