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“Things have calmed now, but I’m telling you - January 1st was Hell. No one saw it coming. No one had heard even the slightest rumor. No one had prepared themselves. On December 31st, 2014 the night was frozen in icy perfection. It hadn’t snowed more than an inch, but at 15 degrees, the kine were wrapped up tight, despite their celebrations. People loosened up, drank too much champagne, kissed their loved ones and vowed a fresh new year… But they had no idea what the dawn meant for the monsters that lurked in the shadows. Kindred rose the following night to find their elders mere piles of ash. The harpies, the Sheriff, the Whip… the Prince. All gone. Anyone considered an Elder was wiped from the Cambridge map. On the walls of Sanders Theater, our court, a simple message in blood “Try try again…”
Most fled, but a brave few tried to pick up the pieces. After a few months Kindred from outside Cambridge began to show up out of curiosity or maybe greed, eyeing the city free from Elder clutches.
One thing has been assured, out of fear or survival, Elder vampires may come, but only young bloods stay. Somebody wanted a revolution, and by whatever means necessary, they’ll deliver it.”


Themes of this game will be rooted in the following:
■ Modern Noir: New twists on old classics. A crude refreshing of time-honored traditions.
■ Breaking New Ground: With no elders to fall back on, Neonates must step up to the plate.
■ Out with the Old: Fighting to keep things as they once were or pushing new laws.
■ Paranoia: Uncertainty and rumors run amok. Establishing a hold on the truth with a bloodied fist.
■ Small story arcs for coteries and personal story arcs, with an underlying meta plot.


Vampire: Young Blood, is based on World of Darkness Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition role playing game. Players are able to create vampires, ghouls or mortals for our chat/forum/wiki based gaming community. On this wiki, you will find all the information you need to get started. Players can refer to the forums for more resources, and log on to our chat to ask any questions.