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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”- Maya Angelou


Decor1.png Start Here

Welcome to Story Sanctum! If this is your first time here, let us introduce ourselves. We are a team of Story Tellers devoted to bringing a 24/7 Role Play Chat experience using online tools. If you are new to our game there are a few tricks to getting started. You'll need to register for an account on the main site. That will give you access to the wiki which has most all of the content for playing in any of our games, the forums which house all ic and ooc discussion, and the chat which is the platform in which the games are played. Please feel free to log into the chat and say hi, even if you haven't made a character yet.
Decor1.png Wiki Rules

You are free to browse the wiki and learn about settings and characters before deciding what to make! Make sure you pay particular attention to a games setting, house rules, character creation rules and the site wide rules as well. You are not allowed to create a character wiki before your character is sanctioned, however. Also, it is a stern rule on SS that no one edits another persons wiki without expressed permission. Thanks!
Decor1.png About Us

At Story Sanctum we have decided to support all games, every game(more or less), games that only share one thing in common, stories. We love immersive, interesting, evocative and fun inducing stories. We are also really into trying new things and helping diversified styles of gaming have a place to play. This means we are willing to take on the majority of RPG Systems and not only that, but they do not all have to be run in a typical 24/7 style either. Sometimes a great game can only be run as often as a great ST is able. That may be a 3 times a week, or more formal table top style. It might be a 3 month game, it might be a year.
As every game is different, so to are the lengths we are willing to go to in order to facilitate it. A weekly or short run game would be considered a side game. Side games do not get wiki space, dedicated rooms or personal forums. They do get a section, however, in the side games area of the forums to post all content and communicate within. Full Venues, however, are welcome to the full support of Story Sanctum. The only catch is if you need a die roller we do not have. That is your responsibility to locate or sort out. There are several programs out there that might be of assistance.
In short we are a place about a good time with good people. Keep in mind that means our vision is for low drama, high fun, and open communication. As long as you are interested in the same, and keep in mind this is a place of volunteer hobbyists, you should fit in just fine! So welcome and game on.