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Chapter Three(Present) Setting

“We are at heart so profoundly anarchistic that the only form of state we can imagine living in is Utopian; and so cynical that the only Utopia we can believe in is authoritarian.” ― Lionel Trilling

Surviving the wastes took its toll upon the Havenites. The cold was bitter, the tundra was barren, and a society that relied on technology to sustain them was faltering. With the loom of death over their heads, things became most apparent as to the state of their existence. They were the last of humanity, and they were dying out. The Supernus sickness of the mind was starting to turn on their bodies and devour their good cells and anitbodies, turning them sicker by the week. While medical advancements were made towards their healing, and spiritual pacts were forged towards their sustaining, no clear fix for the issue was upon them.

And then it happened, the first bridge to Old York. Kindred found them, and the Havenites found in them interest and wonder. Of course not all Kindred would have had the same reaction to their find. With the assistance of Bryton & Smith, a road began to pave towards educating the Havenites and keeping them safe. Despite the turmoil of camp life, the further loss of lives, the divide between them of staying to forge destiny alone, or going to Old York to seek refuge, the last of humanity clinged to hope and...dreams. When actions began to point them towards a far larger purpose and danger that loomed in the earth itself and rooted in the mountain across the sea...Synergist Project. What was Synergist Project? It was discovered to be a legacy that humanity itself left behind and now was the ultimate destruction on earth.

With all signs pointing towards the need to unite forces to save this planet, and the human race, a movement began that started to steer the Havenites into preparing to move into Old York. But how? Surely though they had allies among the Kindred, not all would stand them or see them as something to be protected. Old grudges, or need for blood was sure to outweigh the human preservation. And so a plan was set in motion. First the healthy, ghouled, and careful were brought to the door of Old York under the guise of being survivors from the Kindred holding in Belfast that recently fell to the Synergist Projects attacks. How could Kindred not tell the difference between their own and a mortal who's life blood called to them? Simple. The life blood no longer did. They had not known a human in over 300 years, and the torpor had depowered their potency of blood. It was a ruse. A very fickle and tedious ruse, and one that would not sustain long. But could this ruse live long enough to protect humanity while the Kindred under a renewed leader, Vestella, move towards a coupe and retaking the throne from Karlelle and her enthusiastic Kindred only rule?

Chapter Two

A society of elite and dreamers arrived at the tail end of destruction to their utopian society. Haven had fallen, and with it many secrets foretold. In the wake of devastation the people were suffering the mixed emotions of blessings and curses both. On the one hand the havenites finally gathered together, Primo and Supernus to conquer the past, take over the present and look to a future they were finally in control of. They had suffered so much loss along the way, but now whatever they gained it wouldn't be thrust upon them without choice,it would be earned and fought for.

Setting up a base camp in the tundra wastelands outside of Haven's fallen ruins, the survivors seek to build security and a new haven of their own choosing. Braving things they have never had to think about before like elements, hunger, lack of technology and a lack of Aurora to guide them, they do their best to prepare for what the brave new world has in store for them. At this point, looking around at their fellow men, they realize not even all of them were truly 'human' in the strictest sense anymore. There were dreamers with power over the onieros to pull fact from fiction. There were those who had superseded their human confines by becoming ghouls, and there were those who had discovered unusual magical or spiritual powers, or perhaps just relics of the past. So with this new found power, would there also be a way to save the dying race of Supernus from their mental deterioration?

With all of this set upon their shoulders as a burden for the sake of freedom, there is still more added to their intrepid futures. Across the tundra,tucked into a canyon unaware, was a society of which had never come to understand what a select few of their own had been harboring in secret, Haven. The Kindred of Old York, a gothic inspired and dated place that thrives by harnessing the power and prop-elation of steam works and brass gears lies in waiting to be discovered. Will the Kindred of Old York even understand what had long been thought dead? Are their friends among the gothic castle-community for the humans of Haven to find? And what do they have to do with the ominous project known as Synergist that still hangs over the Havenites heads?

Chapter One Setting

A beautiful unblemished piece of perfection. That is all the people of Haven have ever known. White wash walls, pristine ivory spires, and vast marble thresholds. Haven is a Utopian society in which all are born inside her walls and know only of her existence. Those who inhabit her have been born, in their own respects, and raised amongst the many other Havenites which inhabit, build and propel her into the epitome of existence.

Haven has always been inhabited by its three primary races of humanoid species. The Homo-Primo, or First Born, are humans who carry the pure and blemished genetic make up of two First Born humans. At their core the First Born are as human as they come, and in Haven, the Primo come very degenerated in comparison to their biologically engineered cousins. The First Born, however faulted they may be, are also incredibly adaptable and there are rumors in Haven that some of them even dream of the past. For all of these reasons, in a society that would have no accounts of disorderly thinking, there is a stigma tied to being born Primo.

The Homo-Supernus, or Elite Born, are perfected specimens cultivated in laboratories and born of flawless genetic make up. The Elite are beautiful, hyper-intelligent, physically superior, and have superior control of their emotions and desires. Though the Primo might find them cold, calculating and dull, they are the backbone of Haven society. The Primo will die out eventually, but the Supernus? They will last forever, for they are the science and the blood that knows no end.

Lastly, and most rare, are the Homo-Hibrida, or more commonly, the Hybrids. Understanding what a Hybrid is, has always been a mystery that plagues the Primo's, while the Supernus are sure to never question their existence. The Hybrids are the something-other in Haven society that no one really talks about, but they certainly answer to them. They are the Chancellors, Leaders and Upper-most Class of Haven known as The Hierarchy. They do not descend amongst the lower levels of Havens Sectors to nurture those beneath them, but lead from an unknown distance. In Haven this is not questioned. In Haven this is simply what has always been...


Synergist Project is about running a custom designed setting in New World of Darkness's 'God Machine Chronicle' core book. You have to have knowledge of the game, its system, and combat in order to play. That said, Synergist Project is not a heavy combat game on its own, though there may be elements of it. The game style is meant to be highly immersive story telling on both the ST's and player's parts. Social, Political, Investigative, and exploratory themes will be a high emphasis in this game.

Though the setting at game opening might be considered restrictive, it is a huge theme of Utopian society and Hierarchy; To confront, bend, and adapt to such a setting in order to get the full experience of Haven and its peoples. The setting will open up as the story and all its secrets unfold. Players are strongly encouraged, however, to take their time exploring what really makes Haven tick.

The Primary Story Teller for this game operates in PST, which means the majority of the scenes will be evening, Pacific Standard Time. If this is a time slot you are not going to be able to invest in for a scene at least once a month, this may not be the game for you. If you are concerned about the time slot, please contact me and we can see if we can make it work! The desire is to have everyone's gaming experience, including my own, be worthwhile of investment. As this game will operate under a potential player cap, keep in mind to keep up at least minimal activity.

Below is the most current Schedule for the ST(s). Please keep in mind it is changeable and tuesdays, fridays and weekends are occasionally more flexible.

ST Availability
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Daytime 1-4pm 12-2pm 12-4pm 12-2pm 12-2pm 12-4pm 12-4pm
Evenings 7pm+ 7pm+ 7pm+ 7pm+ 7pm+ 7pm+ 7pm+


The various districts that make up the majority of areas in Old York and the Old World and the themes or importance of each.


Though the possibility for rooms is vast, here are the majority of rooms most common to play in.


Synergist Project is a vast, vibrant, and mysterious world. Details about playing in this story can be found here.


To play in Project Synergist you must understand the world and people in it.