Werewolf: Paradise Lost

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“I mean only that I hope they find darkness or paradise without fear of it, if they can.” ― Erin Morgenstern



“Seattle. The Great Pacific Northwest. Mountains, forests, rivers and lakes - the ocean! Mix that with sky scrapers, history, and entrepreneurship. We have it all right here for us. Uratha Paradise. So why is the place so empty?”

Just as it should be, Washington’s most famous city is lush and thriving. Thirty minutes east of a downtown Starbucks and you’re in dense green foliage. Evergreens that tickle the sky, their roots shined clean with raging rivers. Ferries commute passengers from the coast to the San Juan Islands between pods of orca. Bald eagles and red falcons stalk the tree lines just as pimps and drug dealers roam the streets of Capitol Hill. Uptown, young business minded computer programmers slam another line of coke to stay up late for their deadline. Down in Georgetown, a swing band plays in someone’s backyard, the sirens of police in the distance. Ballard is thick with kitschy business owners testing out truffle and bourbon reduced barbecue sauces while down on the railroad tracks of Golden Gardens, another drunk waits for the train. Mt. Rainier looms over the skyline and I-5 in all its majesty. The music, the drugs, the wild life, the night life, the high life… Seattle has it all. Only, it doesn’t.

Uratha stopped populating the area over the last 100 years because for some reason, the place is a dud. Essence seeps through some unknown crack. Werewolves are barely able to carry it and the use of it for spirit bargaining is dangerous and unheard of. Loci, even when heavily guarded don’t become a well of energy as they should, especially the closer you get to the city. Spirits here are hungry and desperate - and they’re sure its our fault.

The People that are here are young, bright, innovative sorts who are looking for a cure. Looking for a way to change it all and make a name for themselves. There’s something to be said for saving a city that was pioneered by great men over 150 years ago. And when it’s fixed? All this unclaimed land? Its ours.


We know the Oath we’ve taken. We also know the real threat that we’re facing. The laws of our society aren’t the same out here. If we’re to survive, solve this - sometimes we can’t be as honorable as we’d like.

Of course there are those that won’t budge. But they’re also the sorts that won’t get anything done. Spirits here are ruthless and we’re out of options. They’ll do anything to create more essence and that means a lot of them are spreading to the physical in search of nourishment, which for the Herd means trouble and pain. Some of us are more worried about keeping them safe than keeping them blind. Some of us try to do both but we’re outnumbered and under-supplied; we’re doing the best we can.

There’s a BoogeyMan story. What ‘abandoned paradise’ tale is without one? Some say they’re an old pack still watching over Seattle grounds, some say they’re demons. Who knows? They’re called the Faceless. Despite our feeling very much alone, some of us believe they’re still watching. Coming out of the darkness, cutting threats to the People in half, leaving others without knowledge of themselves. Whoever they are, we’ve got no proof aside from rumor they’re real. Still, it’s enough to keep a lot of pups on their best behavior. Rumors have power that way.

Our lives are on the edge. With no elders and no clutch, who is to stop us from forging a new generation of laws to protect ourselves and the land we’re fighting for?

Wolf Bloods

Seattle is our home. We can’t just leave. That’s against Seattle’s very nature; our nature. But staying has its risks too. With such a small society of wolves, the spirits are numerous and hungry, and we’re the easy target against the Uratha they hate. They cross the gauntlet and urge us. They come over and cause chaos or fear and pain - those emotional states which will make them the most essence for a quick meal.

Mr. Riggs, a Rahu, spends his time at Mt. Index. He’s built a large log cabin out there, and invites Blooded who need guidance out, to teach them how to defend themselves against spirits - which mostly involves being able to identify spirit activity and getting away with our lives. The occasional stray is allowed to stay, but no one’s there for too long. He just helps a bit and then goes back to his work - whatever that may be.

We’re not going to give up. Seattle is worth fighting for, or the wolves we know wouldn’t be here trying to save it. We just have to prove we’re just as strong in will as they are.


With Washington being a leader in the technology industries, the second state to legalize marijuana, a pro-women, supporter of gay rights, with a range of lifestyles ranging from the outdoorsmen to the city women, Seattle itself is a mecca of personalities and interests with promising enterprises for all those that come into the Emerald City.

Though despite all of its beauty, wonder and fun, those who live here know of its darker sides. Not only the criminal night life, which has already inspired our very own Super Heroes, but also the strange occurrences that can never really be explained. Sasquatch? Got em. UFO’s? We have multiple sightings. Ghosts? Pike Place Market is considered one of the most haunted places in the state. Mysterious suicide hot spots? It’s not completely uncommon to find the occasional occultist who is a true believer. But are you?

Player Characters & Non Player Characters

Character Creation

Seattle houses all walks of life. Nature buff meets businessmen meets small business owner meets record label producer. Who will you play among the socialites and activists, the sports fans and ritualistic shamans? Chefs, sailors, scholars, thieves, dealers, models, doctors, news reporters, EMT’s, DJ’s, congressmen or no one at all? Will your story be written in graffiti in the parking garage below the Seattle Symphony or carved into the wall of a cave in the Cascade Mountain Range?

  • Create your character here.

Wiki Creation

Before you create your wiki, please have a sanctioned character. Do not start a wiki page for an unsanctioned character. Do not start a wiki page for a testing grounds for a future character wiki. A completed wiki with basic information and a picture (or a detailed description) is required before you go in character.

House Rules

Playing & Gaining Experience

ST Style

Seattle: Paradise Lost is a Werewolf the Forsaken game from the New World of Darkness System. The World of Darkness Core Book and Werewolf the Forsaken Core Book are required to play. Players must have basic knowledge of the game and system to play, though help can be provided for new players on an OOC basis.

The game will be run on Pacific Standard Time, just as Seattle is in real life. All times posted on the forums will be considered PST unless otherwise noted.

The style of the game will be a touch different than what many might have experienced on an online chat game before. For the most part, as an ST, I will be invisible, working in the background to nudge plot along. There will be a heavy focus on personal story lines and setting. This is not to say that large open scenes won't happen, only that they will be the exception, not the rule. The players are meant to be the stars here rather than the NPCs, which is why a lot of the NPCs will be minor.

I'd also like to state that this is first and foremost a game. I expect players to be polite and courteous as much as possible. We all get upset or angry, but blatant rude behavior or crudeness will not be tolerated. The moment we're not having fun, we're doing something wrong. I'll work hard to maneuver whatever possible to encourage positive and fun role play for everyone, but I will not hesitate to remove someone from the venue for disrupting the quality of game play for others.

I will be visible whenever in the lobby and always available for a PM or an FPM.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to telling this story with you!